With today’s closure of nominations, ballot paper order has been determined and full lists of candidates published on the Electoral Commission of Queensland website. There are seven registered parties at the election, of which the Liberal National Party, Labor and the Greens are fielding candidates in all 89 electorates, as they did in 2012. Palmer United is fielding 50, Family First 28 (compared with 38 last time), Katter’s Australian Party 11 (well down on 76 last time), and One Nation also 11 (up from six last time), with 66 independents (up from 43 in 2012). The total number of candidates in 433, almost exactly the same as the 430 at the 2012 election, despite the short notice of the election. The list of registered parties differs from 2012 only in that Palmer United has joined the party. Campbell Newman got the better of the ballot paper draw in Ashgrove, landing second place with Labor’s Kate Jones last out of five candidates.

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