GhostWhoVotes tweets that tomorrow’s Australian carries a Newspoll from Ashgrove, from a sample of 600, which gives Campbell Newman something of a morale boost in showing him trailing Labor’s Kate Jones in his seat of Ashgrove by a margin of just 51-49, from primary votes of 47% for both Newman and Jones, 5% for the Greens and 1% for “others”. Furthermore, Newman is credit with something he hasn’t seen much of lately, namely a positive net approval rating, with approval at 51% and disapproval at 42%. However, Jones leads him as “better local member” 52-44, though under the circumstances this measure is a bit hard to read.

Pooping the LNP party, apparently, is electorate-level Galaxy polling from the Courier-Mail showing “massive swings of up to 12 per cent against the Newman Government across southeast Queensland”, and the LNP to be “wiped out across north Queensland”. It would seem this includes a very close result in the Townsville seat of Mundingburra and a big Labor lead in Greenslopes in Brisbane’s inner south. Stay tuned for more on that one.

UPDATE: The Galaxy polling for the Courier-Mail encompasses eight individual electorates, and while the report offers nothing on how it was conducted, I think it’s safe to assume it followed the usual format of electorate-level polling from Galaxy in hitting samples of around 550 by automated phone polling. The results are remarkably consistent in showing swings to Labor of around 10%, and are thus actually well in line with the statewide Galaxy phone poll of last week which had the LNP leading 52-48 – which is to say they don’t quite live up to the Courier-Mail’s “Palaszczuk is on track to become premier” front page hype. Only two-party results are provided, which are as follows:

Barron River (LNP 9.5%): 50-50.
Cairns (LNP 8.9%): 53-47 to Labor.
Greenslopes (LNP 2.5%): 59-41 to Labor.
Mulgrave (Labor 1.1%): 61-39 to Labor.
Mundingburra (LNP 10.2%): 51-49 to Labor.
Pumicestone (LNP 12.1%): 52-48 to LNP.
Thuringowa (LNP 6.7%): 52-48 to Labor.
Townsville (LNP 4.8%): 58-42 to Labor.

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