Don’t have much to offer you today unless you’re a Crikey subscriber, in which case you can enjoy a review of the election’s federal implications in the daily email, assuming it gets a run. However, there were two polls published yesterday that I can tell you about:

• The Guardian has a second Lonergan automated phone poll for the campaign, this one with a heavy-duty sample of 3215, and it’s a strong result for the Coalition. Based on previous election preferences, the Coalition’s lead is at 57-43, from primary votes of 47% for the Coalition, 31% for Labor and 11% for the Greens. Mike Baird holds a 52-25 lead as preferred premier, and there are numerous further questions on electricity privatisation and other campaign issues.

• As in Queensland, Essential Research has bundled together state voting intention results from the regular polling it conducted during the campaign period. The result is slightly more useful than its Queensland counterpart in that the bigger samples from the state allow it to limit it to the last two weeks, but that still leaves it with a modest sample of 659. In any case, the poll offer no surprises, with the Coalition on 44% of the primary vote, Labor on 36% and the Greens on 9%, with the Coalition leading 53-47 on two-party preferred.

The Lonergan result has been added to the poll tracker on the sidebar – Essential’s hasn’t because I don’t know how much use a poll conducted over two weeks is for purposes of poll tracking during the sharp end of an election campaign. The Lonergan poll adds further impetus to an ongoing trend to the Coalition, who are up one on both seat projection measures.

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