For those who may have forgotten what a honeymoon poll looks like, The Australian reports that the Andrews government has opened its Newspoll account with a two-party preferred lead of 58-42, in a result aggregated from polling of 1154 respondents throughout May and June. This compares with an election result of 52.0-48.0. The primary votes are 41% for Labor (compared with 38.1% at the election), 35% for the Coalition (down from 42.0%) and 14% for the Greens (up from 11.5%). Daniel Andrews’ approval rating of 51% compares with 38% in the final pre-election poll, and his disapproval rating is down from 43% to 32%. Matthew Guy’s debut ratings as Opposition Leader are fairly respectable, at 35% approval and 29% disapproval, but he trails 48-24 as preferred premier.

UPDATE: Leroy Lynch in comments observes that there have in fact been earlier results from Morgan’s state-level SMS polling, which I don’t rate terribly highly. Nonetheless, you can find the results at the following links for March, April and May.

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