The Courier-Mail has today published a Galaxy state poll for Queensland, which shows little change on the previous such poll in May in having Labor on 40% (steady), the Liberal National Party on 39% (steady), the Greens on 10% (up one) and Katter’s Australian Party on 4% (up one). This compares with election results of 37.5%, 41.3%, 8.4% and 1.9%. The headline two-party result is 52-48 to Labor, but two-party preferred is a vexed question for Queensland state polling, given the radically different behaviour of preferences between the 2012 and 2015 elections. Galaxy’s allocations are determined from a composite of past elections – the last three, I believe. Had it been based purely on the result from the state election in January, the result would be more like 54-46. Annastacia Palaszczuk is still performing strongly on personal ratings, with her approval down two since May to 57% and disapproval up one to 28%. Lawrence Springborg is down two on both measures, to 39% and 37%.

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