Morgan has published its latest SMS state polling results, conducted from last Friday through to last night. The results in turn:

New South Wales. The Coalition’s lead is out to 60.5-39.5, up from 57-43 at the last poll in late August. The sample here was 995.

Victoria. Labor’s lead narrows from 57-43 in the late August poll to 55.5-44.5 Sample: 918.

Queensland. The Liberal National Party moves into the lead at 51-49, compared with a 52-48 lead for Labor last time. Sample: 773.

Western Australia. The Liberal-National government opens a 51.5-48.5 lead, following a 50-50 result last time. Sample: 469.

South Australia. The Liberals move into a 51-49 lead, after trailing 50.5-49.5 last time. Sample: 519.

Tasmania. A tiny sample of 228, but for what it’s worth, the Liberals are on 42%, Labor is on 29.5% and the Greens are on 23.5%.

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