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Tasmanian Politics

Mar 4, 2016

EMRS: Liberal 46, Labor 27, Greens 18 in Tasmania

Tasmanian pollster EMRS delivers state voting intention result that sources familiar with the matter consider surprisingly favourable for Will Hodgman's Liberal government.

The latest quarterly reading of state voting intention in Tasmania from EMRS has the Liberals down two points to 46%, Labor up two to 27%, and the Greens down two to 18%. Will Hodgman’s lead over Labor’s Bryan Green as preferred premier has narrowed from 56-19 to 52-21. Kevin Bonham, who would know better than me, reckons these “surprisingly harmless” results for the government come despite there have been “many reasons to suspect this poll could be a shocker”. The poll was conducted by telephone between last Friday and this Tuesday, from a sample of 1000.

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Kevin Bonham

shea mcduff@1

Tassie has fallen off the map apparently.
3 days, no comments.

Not much interest in this one even down here.

Bird of paradox

One set of numbers includes undecided voters (41-24-16), the other doesn’t (46-27-18). Link here.


Why do the numbers in the text and the article title not line up?

shea mcduff

Tassie has fallen off the map apparently.
3 days, no comments.