The Herald-Sun today carries a Galaxy poll on Victorian state voting intention which suggests very little has changed since the November 2014 election result. The poll has Labor with 37% of the primary vote, compared with 38.1% at the election, with the Coalition unchanged at 42% and the Greens up half a point to 12%. Two-party preferred is likewise as it was at the election, going 52-48 to Labor. However, Daniel Andrews has a rather narrow lead over Matthew Guy as preferred premier, of 36-31. The Herald-Sun’s reportage leads with attitudinal questions courting discontent on law and order, with 64% saying the government wasn’t tough enough on youth crime compared with 20% who believed that it was; 44% saying Victoria had become less safe since Labor came to power compared with 15% for more safe; and 68% believing the authorities were not “winning the battle” against the Apex street gang, chiefly noted for disturbances at the Moomba festival in March, compared with only 10% who thought they were. No field work dates or sample size are provided, as far as I can see.

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