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And they’re off. Polls have closed, and the first results should be in in half an hour or so. I’ll be part of ABC Radio’s coverage, which you can hear on local radio in Western Australia and around the country on News Radio. Here’s a thread for you all to discuss the action as it occurs.


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487 thoughts on “Western Australian election live

  1. C@tmomma

    Albany a ‘must hold’ for Labor according to Antony Green.

  2. confessions

    Thank you William!

  3. confessions


    I’ve been saying that for weeks! Hence me volunteering this campaign.

  4. C@tmomma

    Michael Keenan trying out the ‘It’s Time’ line already as an excuse for the Liberal loss.

  5. Question

    This is always the booring bit.

  6. C@tmomma

    Fingers crossed, ‘Fess! 😀

  7. brisoz

    Its Time! to get a new garbage collection.

  8. Tricot

    Now well will see if the polls are reality match.

  9. C@tmomma

    I’ve had an extended one-on-one conversation with Tim Hammond! He’s much more handsome without the beard, just sayin’ 🙂

    And I don’t care if you say that’s sexist! 😛

  10. sprocket_

    I see Michael Keenan is on ABC coverage, his bio before gracing the green leather chairs and ministerial office says it all. Keenan was:

    Milk delivery, waiter, bar attendant and salesman 1986-94.
    Real estate salesman 1993-96.
    Ministerial adviser to the ACT Deputy Chief Minister 1996-98.
    Various positions, Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge University and the London Daily Telegraph 1998-99.
    Deputy Director, Liberal Party (WA) 2000-01.
    Ministerial adviser to the Minister for Family and Community Services, Senator the Hon. AE Vanstone 2001-03.
    Property consultant, Irving and Keenan Real Estate 2003-04.

  11. confessions

    Gosh Nahan sounds quite whiny doesn’t he?

  12. Kevin Bonham

    I probably won’t be doing serious live commentary tonight unless something extremely unusual happens – playing in and helping run a chess tournament so won’t have TV access for a while. I may make comments here and on Twitter though.

  13. Question

    Nursing home says ALP : )

  14. C@tmomma

    Go the Girrawheen Nursing Home! 9.7% swing to Labor! 🙂

  15. Rossmcg

    Keenan also was in the front line in the disgraceful attempted smear of Anne Aly last year.

    Very. Ordinary. Bloke

  16. C@tmomma

    Property consultant, Irving and Keenan Real Estate 2003-04.

    Born with a Silver Auctioneer’s Hammer in his mouth. Dad was a big Liberal Party donor, so I heard.

  17. Rossmcg


    Nahan can’t help his accent but it is never his fault. He had a career at the IPA when he had all the answers and then found himself pulling the levers and he had none.

    He is my local member, on a 12 per cent margin. I
    could not be so lucky

  18. C@tmomma

    I wonder if Colin Barnett will wait until midnight before he appears at the campaign after party. 😉

  19. confessions

    Sounds like the Libs are gearing up to use one of two excuses for any election loss tonight: ‘it’s time’ and PHON preference deal.

  20. Simon O Katich

    *And I don’t care if you say that’s sexist!*

  21. ShowsOn



  22. antonbruckner11

    Sprocket – I can’t believe Telstra show you half a game and then pull the plug unless you hand over dough. I’ve never heard the like.

  23. confessions


    With Nahan it wasn’t so much an accent thing as an attitude thing.

  24. confessions

    I’m not confident the result is going to be as clear cut as media and exit polls suggest, just quietly.

  25. cud chewer

    Libs 6, ALP 10. Its all over. Another drink!

  26. C@tmomma

    PHON have ‘kooky and whacky policies that would be a danger if they were ever able to implement them’!

  27. cud chewer

    Sad thing C@ is thinking how PHON might block in the Senate and demand idiotic tradeoffs.

  28. Question

    “Libs 6, ALP 10. Its all over. Another drink!”

    Yep (can’t be stuffed with blockquote on a tablet)

  29. cud chewer

    PHON not getting the BOP would be the champagne moment for me.

  30. confessions

    Peter Watson MLA added 14 new photos.
    4 mins ·
    Thank you to the 213 people who volunteered on my campaign to talk with voters on the phone, or on their doorstep, who organised functions and events,who donated, who were on a polling booth today or during the last three weeks. You have done me proud. #WeAreWALabor


  31. Raaraa

    I wish the exit polls would give breakdown by parties. Will be interesting to know how this translate to upper house numbers.

  32. Airlines

    Gareth Parker ✔ @G_Parker
    I can reveal that Joe Francis has told Lib powerbrokers he wants to nominate for leader if Libs lose – but he might not hold his seat. @6PR

  33. antonbruckner11

    For Poll Bludgers, this is pure heroin.

  34. C@tmomma

    Joanna Menagh of the ABC looks like she is about to melt and drip off the screen! 😛

    She IS in Karratha.

  35. antonbruckner11

    Airlines – That’s a bit presumptious.

  36. Question

    Stuff the central Wheat belt.

  37. confessions


    As someone who hates the heat, I can sympathise with her!

  38. C@tmomma

    Sad thing C@ is thinking how PHON might block in the Senate and demand idiotic trade-offs.

    Wash your mouth out with soap! It’s not going to happen! 😀

  39. confessions

    Interestingly the PHON candidate for this seat came from that eastern addition Jerramungup.

  40. C@tmomma

    Albany up now!

  41. C@tmomma

    Jerramungup, eh? Another Rod Culleton farmer PHONy?

  42. C@tmomma

    Michael Keenan not sounding confident about Albany.


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