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Newspoll quarterly aggregates: July-September 2017

Newspoll's breakdowns find the government sagging in Queensland, and regional areas more generally.

The Australian has published the regular quarterly Newspoll breakdowns by state, gender and age cohort, in this case accumulating polling conducted from July through September. Its numbers will be added to BludgerTrack to this week, and the state relativities will become more like Newspoll’s direction as a result. Taking into account that BludgerTrack rates Labor a point higher overall, which the addition of the new numbers won’t change, the distinctions between the two are worth noting: Newspoll has Labor at 52% two-party in New South Wales, compared with BludgerTrack’s 53.0%; in Victoria, it’s 53% versus 54.3%; in Queensland, 54% versus 50.4%; in Western Australia, 53% versus 53.3%; in South Australia, 55% to 58.0%. The other interesting feature of Newspoll’s numbers is that the five capital cities are only recording a 1.1% swing to Labor, compared with 7.7% elsewhere. This has been exacerbated by the latest figures, which reduce Labor by a point in the cities while boosting them by two points elsewhere.

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Sprocket. Watch FIFA give the US a wild-card entry


Section 4 . . . Cartoon Corner

Brilliant work from David Rowe on the energy summit.
comment image
Matt Golding and some CET rebranding.
comment image
Golding looks at how Morrison might manage the GST carve up,
comment image
David Pope says it all with this effort.
Cathy Wilcox and THAT fence.
comment image
Peter Broelman has Trump using the ultimate weapon.
comment image
Paul Zanetti and Trump’s negotiation style.
comment image
Nice work from Jon Kudelka on Xenophon’s citizenship and parliamentary footprint.
comment image
Alan Moir and the plight of the ABC.
comment image


Greg Jericho sums it up by saying all Morrison has to do is to sell a GST cut to every state bar one! As usual it’s full of good data.

The sad thing is the state being saved had a Liberal government that squandered the mining boom.

And the amazing thing is turnbull wants to follow.


Section 3 . . .

Abbott has doubled down on his scepticism of climate change science, reigniting a decade-old debate in a major speech in London after the Turnbull government moved yesterday to rule out proceeding with a clean ¬energy target proposed by Chief Scientist Alan Finkel. In years to come the history books will not put Abbott in a good light. Google.
How hate seeps in and damages us all. The Hanson effect.
The Turnbull Government, with the eager support of the state premiers, is marching us towards becoming a police state, writes Dr Binoy Kampmark.,10802
John Pilger writes about the rise of “new politics” in Great Britain.
Domino’s Pizza says it has returned $5.4 million in underpaid wages and superannuation to its employees over the past four years under a national audit of its stores that is due to wrap up in December.
Religious institutions and free-speech advocates have condemned a bid by the Northern Territory government to “modernise” anti-discrimination laws, describing proposed changes as a significant threat to religious freedom. The Australian continues its tub thumping. Google.
The Age has asked Dr Brian Owler what how the proposed Victorian assisted dying legislation would treat six hypothetical cases. The dementia example is a difficult one.
This article goes to the dynamics of change when it comes to population growth and living in Sydney.
The SMH editorial says that Sydney isn’t full, it just feels that way.–it-just-feels-that-way-20171009-gyx91f.html
Victorian independent schools have been accused of “gaming the system” to almost double their federal funding for students with a disability. This really peeves me off!
Poor Clive Palmer cops another adverse court decision. Google.
According to John Passant Nick Xenophon is a self-interested show pony, who may win votes in South Australia but will never fix anything.,10801


Section 2 . . .

Here’s a good analysis of the current flu season.
The NSW government will move to weaken laws protecting Sydney’s water catchment to circumvent a court’s ruling that threatened fuel supplies to the state’s newest coal-fired power station. Nice!
A day in the life of an abortion nurse. well worth reading for the sake of perspective.
In a speech to the International Bar Association George Brandis has delivered a sharp rebuke to Dutton, and reminded government ministers of the need to respect the rule of law and authority of the courts. He delivered a full-throated defence of the rule of law and the legal profession. George is an enigma at times.
Jenna Price tells us what Australia should learn from the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case.
Elizabeth Knight discusses the class action suit on the CBA and who’s in the firing line. The bank has said it will vigorously defend the case.
On energy policy Laura Tingle wonders if this government knows what it’s doing. Google.
Alan Finkel has made a last-ditch plea to save the proposed clean energy target, even as the Turnbull government signalled it will reject the proposal by the end of the year. The way things are going he’ll get the boot!
Nicole Hasham sums up Finkel’s position with “The patient’s vital signs are not good. Power prices are high, and emissions haemorrhaging. Reliability and security of supply are in doubt. We need a treatment plan, and fast.”
Phil Coorey says that Australia risks more energy policy paralysis and another election fought on climate change after the government signalled it was stepping away from a clean energy target, setting the scene for a new fight with Labor. It will be a Climate War election. Google.


Good morning Dawn Patrollers.

Peter Martin provides some perspective on the GST sharing issue.
comment image
Greg Jericho sums it up by saying all Morrison has to do is to sell a GST cut to every state bar one! As usual it’s full of good data.
Paul Bongiorno writes “The Turnbull government is holding its collective breath as its majority in the Parliament is determined by the High Court this week. But that’s just one of the dangerous issues facing the Coalition before the end of the year.” The political time bomb ticks closer for Turnbull he says.
Peter Hartcher examines the motives behind the likely appointment of Admiral Harry Harris as US Ambassador to Australia.
Gladys Berejiklian’s government has passed the least bills of any new NSW premiers in three decades, a new analysis of records shows. She’s going to have to have to lift her game one would think.
George Williams has a final look at the government’s submission to the High Court on the citizenship issue.
The man behind Australia’s biggest ever home loan swindle has been sentenced to five years in prison for running the scheme that cooked up $170 million in fraudulent loan applications. Animal!
George Christenson has gone troppo over the 4 Corners Adani program.
Adam Gartrell has issued a guide to the HC hearing.
A leading advocate for children with disabilities has accused the NSW government of failing to properly investigate allegations of child abuse.


UK Polling (Story from 2 days ago):

Theresa May’s crisis has deepened today with a new poll showing Labour surging ahead of the Conservatives, while the public now also has a clear preference for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.

The exclusive survey for The Independent by BMG Research now has Labour five points ahead of the Tories, who are still reeling from a coup launched by ex-ministers to overthrow Ms May.


From Dangerous Dan Tehan (an absolute Coalition ‘brains trust’)

Cyber thieves hacked into the computer system of a national security contractor last year, the Federal Government will today reveal.

The intruders had access to the IT network for a long period of time and stole large amounts of the defence supplier’s data.

Assistant Minister for Cyber Security Dan Tehan said it was unclear who launched the incursion, but the Government was not ruling out a foreign government.

It could have been a state actor, it could have been cyber criminals, and that’s why it was taken so seriously,” he said

So he wouldn’t consider it serious if it was an amateur ‘hacker’ who had then posted the stolen data/information on the internet for anyone to see?



An American academic whose research into behavioural economics showed people do not always make rational financial decisions has been awarded the 2017 Nobel Economics Prize.

It would seem to me that this phenomena might have been noticed before.


swamprat wants honest politicians so does he believe that Abbott is being untruthful about his opinion on SSM?

I think I’ll be scrolling past any further ‘swamprat’ dominated PB sessions.



Where did i say: “all Muslims support these horrifying laws as a monolithic entity; is a stupid idea.”??

I didn’t say you did.

What you said was:

“Oh Please. I was talking about repression of gays in muslim majority counties, given that those are the countries where muslims are likely to “massively control cultural practices”.

I replied to it with:

“It’s a silly idea nonetheless because it predisposes that ‘Muslims’ are a monolithic entity and that by simply being a majority in a country they can exert ‘cultural practices’.”

Then you replied with:

What you say is absolute rubbish. You are obviously a “liberal”.
13 countries have the death penalty for being gay. All happens to be muslim majority country.
Some countroies only publicly whip people for being gay. All happen to be muslim majority countries.

That last reply is implying that predisposing that ‘Muslims’ are a monolithic entity isn’t a silly idea, and this is proven because these majority Muslim countries have these terrifying laws. What I’m trying to say is saying is this implication isn’t true or logically sound.

If this implication does not represent your position, then I apologize.

and what does this horrifyimg justification mean?

“I mean, the LGBT people who live in majority Muslim countries that are subject to these terrible laws are most likely Muslims themselves.”?

It’s not a justification. I am pointing out the existing of (small-l) liberal and LGBT Muslims within these countries to make the following point:

Muslims are not a monolithic entity, and not all Muslims are virulently anti-gay; like how not all Catholics and Evangelical Protestants are virulently anti-gay.


Spanish Inquisition.

So mature.


Night all……..

So other than semantics regarding survey, vote, etc.

And the complaint that there will be ‘willing’ argument about SSM.

And the Labor and Liberal parties are crap …

I still have no idea what swamprat’s ‘revolution’ is about.

The only certain thing I understand about swamprat is that he believes everything in Scotland is better.

I give up!



Oh dear the Spanish Inquisition is here!!!

Fortunately the PB version is modelled on …….



It is designed to pretend the Tony Abbott and other inadequate Liberals have big heterosexiual breeding organs.

You are a nutter but a funny nutter.

But what is the point if people stop reading your comments you are obviously intelligent and well educated why not use your powers for good or do you just want to see it all burn.



The ALP opposed putting rights to a vote.

The government came up with this glorified opinion poll to get around that.

No way I see Labor supporting the Survey. I just see them supporting Yes.


Night all…….. This “troll” is off to dream about “the glorious revolution”, i.e. honest politicians.

Stupid, i know.