With an election looming ever nearer, Newspoll records Labor with a 52-48 lead on state voting intention in Queensland, from primary votes of Labor 37%, LNP 34%, One Nation 16% and Greens 8%. This is an all new result, conducted from a sample of 917 respondents from Tuesday to Thursday last week, and not an accumulation of polling conducted over a longer period, as is often the case with state Newspoll results. Compared with the previous poll, conducted from July through September, it has Labor, the LNP and the Greens steady, One Nation up a point, and Labor down a point on two-party preferred. Annastacia Palaszczuk is up a point on approval to 42% and down one on disapproval to 45%; Tim Nicholls is up three to 32% and down two to 43%; and Palaszczuk lead as preferred premier is unchanged at 43-33. Full report here from The Australian.

This adds to a wide spread of poll results from Queensland recently, ranging from ReachTEL’s 52-48 to the LNP to Essential Research’s 54-46 to Labor. The table below shows the results of the last five published polls, together with the 2015 election result. The final column shows the share of minor party preferences Labor are credited with – imprecisely in the case of the 2015 election result, as no effort has been made to account for exhausted votes that were a factor under the since-abolished optional preferential voting system.

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