Courtesy of The Guardian, this week’s Essential Research poll has Labor’s two-party lead bouncing back to 54-46, after two weeks at 52-48. Primary votes will have to wait for later. The poll also has particularly interesting supplementary questions this week in relation to the National Broadband Network. Only 24% of respondents expressed support for the Coalition government’s fibre-to-the-node downgrade, compared with 43% who preferred Labor’s abandoned fibre-to-the-premises plan. The network’s failures are attributed to the government by 39%, compared with only 19% for Labor. Fifty-four per cent rated that the NBN would “fail to adequately meet Australia‚Äôs future internet requirements”, with 23% saying otherwise. However, 52% thought the NBN had improved their service (presumably where applicable), compared with only 17% who thought it worse and 28% about the same.

UPDATE: The fortnightly YouGov poll has both major parties up on the primary vote, which minimises one of the pollster’s consistent peculiarities. However, it remains conspicuous in its weakness for Labor, who are up one point to 33%, while the Coalition gain two to 36%. The Greens are down a point to 10%, and One Nation are down two. YouGov’s respondent allocation of preferences has consistently found the Coalition receiving around 70% of One Nation preferences, and also around 28% of Greens preferences, which is better than what they are used to historically. All of this contributes to a 51-49 lead for the Coalition on its two-party preferred measure, which is unchanged on last fortnight.

YouGov also gives us a further view into the National Broadband Network, which 23% rate good value for money against 47% for poor value. Sixty-nine per cent support the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia, with 10% opposed; 58% think the gender pay gap a problem, against 33% for not a problem; 64% think sexual harassment widespread, with not widespread on 27%; and 58% rating that the government is not very serious about cutting carbon emissions, with 32% opting for serious.

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