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ACT Politics


Australian Capital Territory election finalised

William BoweOct 22, 20168 Comments

Final scores: Labor 12, Liberal 11, Greens two; women 13, men 12.

Australian Capital Territory election live

William BoweOct 15, 2016207 Comments

Live coverage of the count for today's Australian Capital Territory election.

Australian Capital Territory election guide

William BoweOct 10, 201644 Comments

An overview of Saturday's election in the Australian Capital Territory, where Labor is seeking to make it five in a row.

Newspoll: 55-45 to Coalition

William BoweFeb 25, 20134100 Comments

The latest Newspoll is no worse for Labor than the last on voting intention, but Julia Gillard has lost her lead as preferred prime minister.

Galaxy: 53-47 to Coalition

Galaxy: 53-47 to Coalition

William BoweNov 4, 20123686 Comments

A lot has happened since Galaxy's last federal poll in mid-June – enough on this evidence to have lifted Labor three points, while still leaving them well short of the two-party parity recorded by Newspoll. Tony Abbott also cops the troubling finding that even Coalition voters now prefer Malcolm Turnbull.

Australian Capital Territory election live

William BoweOct 20, 2012321 Comments

The Liberals are claiming a moral victory after appearing to win eight seats to Labor's seven. It remains to be seen how persuasive this sounds to the Greens, who are still the kingmakers despite losing two of their four seats.

Patterson: Labor 44.5, Liberal 35.5, Greens 14.5 in ACT

William BoweOct 18, 201242 Comments

The one and only public opinion poll of the Australian Capital Territory election campaign finds Labor headed for a comfortable-to-landslide victory, with three of the Greens' four seats hanging in the balance.

Australian Capital Territory election: October 20

Australian Capital Territory election: October 20

William BoweOct 1, 20127 Comments

Amid a backdrop of deep cuts to the public service by conservative governments elsewhere, the looming Australian Capital Territory election gives Labor a strong chance of ending a two-year run of successive state and territory election defeats.

Newspoll: 54-46 to Coalition; Nielsen: 56-44

William BoweMay 15, 20115711 Comments

The latest Newspoll has produced the 54-46 two-party preferred result the market has come to expect, but with Julia Gillard taking a hammering on her personal ratings: approval down fou

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