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Federal Election 2007


Fran's our man

William BoweJul 2, 2008141 Comments

The Age reports that the Federal Court has ruled on Labor's appeal against its 12-vot

Play it again, Fran

William BoweJan 30, 200876 Comments

Two months after the November 24 federal election, the fun is still not over: Labor's candidate for McEwen, Rob M

Post-match report: country Victoria

William BoweJan 15, 200814 Comments

For the most part, the November 24 federal election saw Labor pick up swings of similar magnitude in Victoria across city and country seats, notwithstanding the unusually small swings i

Post-match report: Melbourne

Post-match report: Melbourne

William BoweJan 2, 2008739 Comments

In Melbourne as elsewhere, the November 24 election produced a pattern of strong swings in outer suburbs and weak ones nearer the city, which cut across the partisan divide. The swing a

Post-match report: South Australia

William BoweDec 20, 2007557 Comments

Welcome to episode two in the slower-than-anticipated Post-Match Report round-up of federal electorate results, which today brings us to South Australia. Of the three seats that were

The Lord taketh away

William BoweDec 18, 2007489 Comments

The verdict from the McEwen recount is in: Labor candidate Rob Mitchell's six vote win has been overturned, and Liberal member Fran Bailey

Post-match report: Tasmania

William BoweDec 12, 2007379 Comments

With electorate results progressively being declared, I will start appending my election guide entries with overviews of results for each seat. All five seats in Tasmania have been decl

A bee's donger

William BoweDec 8, 2007664 Comments

This time yesterday, Liberal member Fran Bailey held on to a 32-vote lead in McEwen which, though rapidly diminishing, was calculated by Antony Green to be 77 per cent likely to hold af

Consolation prizes

William BoweDec 7, 2007627 Comments

On election night and the following day, the best bet seemed to be that Labor would emerge with between 86 and 88 seats. After that, Labor watched leads disappear in one seat after anot

Late mail

William BoweDec 2, 2007683 Comments

There are no fewer than seven seats which are still too close to call a week after polling day, with less than 0.3 per cent separating the two parties. The AEC's official

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