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Federal Politics 2013-


ReachTEL: 50-50

William BoweMay 6, 20161575 Comments

Little post-budget movement one way or the other in the latest ReachTEL poll for Seven, while Roy Morgan offers yet more evidence of Malcolm Turnbull's diminishing personal standing.

BludgerTrack: 50.6-49.4 to Labor

BludgerTrack: 50.6-49.4 to Labor

William BoweMay 5, 20161178 Comments

The BludgerTrack poll aggregate continued to inch its way in favour of Labor in the lead-up to Tuesday night's budget.

Federal budget: the morning after

Federal budget: the morning after

William BoweMay 4, 2016732 Comments

As the government gears up to reverse its polling fortunes on the back of last night's budget, a look at post-budget polling effects going back to the dawn of Newspoll.

Federal budget open thread

William BoweMay 3, 2016284 Comments

A thread for discussion of the federal budget, along with the federal anything-else.

Essential Research: 52-48 to Labor

William BoweMay 3, 2016237 Comments

No change on voting intention in Essential Research's budget-eve poll, which also records an increasing tendency to perceive the Prime Minister as narrow-minded, erratic and intolerant.

Day in court

William BoweMay 3, 201611 Comments

A bush lawyer's guide to Family First Senator Bob Day's High Court challenge to Senate electoral reform.

Morgan: 51-49 to Labor

William BoweMay 2, 2016639 Comments

Morgan's final pre-budget poll records next to no change, with Labor recording the barest of leads on two-party preferred.

Double dissolution election (maybe) minus nine weeks

Double dissolution election (maybe) minus nine weeks

William BoweApr 30, 20161251 Comments

To tide us over through a quiet spot, a closer look at the Australian National University's latest survey on issues of public concern.

BludgerTrack: 50.4-49.6 to Labor

BludgerTrack: 50.4-49.6 to Labor

William BoweApr 28, 2016925 Comments

It's now been four weeks since the last poll showing the Coalition in the lead, and Labor has now poked its nose in front on the BludgerTrack aggregate's two-party preferred measure.

BludgerTrack: 50.1-49.9 to Coalition

BludgerTrack: 50.1-49.9 to Coalition

William BoweApr 21, 20163581 Comments

It's close but no cigar for Labor in the latest reading of the BludgerTrack poll aggregate, which projects the Turnbull government grimly hanging on to a parliamentary majority.

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