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Tasmanian politics



EMRS: Liberal 37, Labor 32, Greens 17 in Tasmania

William BoweJul 22, 20165 Comments

A Tasmanian state poll suggests the Liberals' worries in the state haven't ended with a poor federal election result.

Morgan state polling: May 2016

William BoweJun 1, 201621 Comments

Morgan's SMS state polling finds the Liberals remaining competitive or better in Western Australia, and Labor running third in South Australia.

Tasmanian upper house elections: Apsley and Elwick

William BoweMay 7, 20162 Comments

Summaries and live count commentary on today's elections for two of the fifteen seats for Tasmania's Legislative Council.

Morgan state polling: March 2016

Morgan state polling: March 2016

William BoweApr 2, 201612 Comments

Monthly state polling from Roy Morgan has Labor up across the board, while the Nick Xenophon Team reaches ever more incredible heights in South Australia. Also featured: a trend measure of all Western Australian state polling in the current term.

EMRS: Liberal 46, Labor 27, Greens 18 in Tasmania

William BoweMar 4, 20165 Comments

Tasmanian pollster EMRS delivers state voting intention result that sources familiar with the matter consider surprisingly favourable for Will Hodgman's Liberal government.

Morgan state polling: January-February 2016

William BoweFeb 3, 201617 Comments

The latest state polling from Morgan finds the Coalition ascendant everywhere except Victoria, and the Nick Xenophon Team polling strongly in South Australia.

Morgan state polling: December 2015

William BoweDec 8, 201510 Comments

Morgan's latest state polling finds Labor up in Queensland and Western Australia, and down everywhere else.

EMRS: Liberal 48, Labor 25, Greens 20 in Tasmania

William BoweNov 9, 20155 Comments

After a few slightly wobbly results, a Tasmanian state polling series has support for Will Hodgman's Liberal government back near the levels of its 2014 election landslide.

Morgan state polling: October 2015

William BoweOct 16, 201520 Comments

The latest state voting intention results from Roy Morgan record an across-the-board shift to the Coalition since the last such poll in late August.

Morgan state polling: late August 2015

William BoweSep 2, 201519 Comments

No surprises in the latest monthly Morgan state polls, with incumbents in New South Wales and Victoria enjoying strong leads in the wake of recent election victories, and tighter races in the other mainland states.

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