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Us politics



New York primaries thread

William BoweApr 20, 201622 Comments

A thread for discussion of today's Democratic and Republican primaries in delegate-rich New York.

Presidential election minus 31 weeks

William BoweMar 25, 201658 Comments

A thread for discussion of the US presidential primaries, in which this week's primaries offered a decidedly mixed bag for the front-runners.

Presidential election minus 32 weeks

William BoweMar 18, 201633 Comments

A thread for discussion of the US presidential primaries, in which Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton enjoyed big victories this week.

Super Tuesday minus one day

William BoweFeb 29, 2016137 Comments

A thread for all your United States presidential election discussion needs.

Presidential election minus one day

William BoweNov 6, 20121468 Comments

My tip: Obama to win 303-235, carrying Ohio, Virginia, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Colorado and Nevada.

Presidential election minus 13 days

William BoweOct 24, 2012294 Comments

With a fortnight to go, Barack Obama looks in big trouble on national polling averages, but retains breathing space on electoral college projections. The vagaries of polling methodologies might have something to do with this.

Presidential election minus two months

William BoweSep 5, 2012178 Comments

With the Democratic convention under way, and two months minus one day to go until the big day, matters American are looming sufficiently large that I'm starting up a dedicated thread t

Yes you can ...

William BoweNov 3, 2010349 Comments

... discuss the mid-terms on this thread.

Long live the king

William BoweNov 6, 2008780 Comments

Best of luck to Barack Obama as well. However, the truly momentous and inspirational aspect of yesterday's result was my almost perfect prediction of it, as published in Crikey l

US election live

William BoweNov 5, 20081508 Comments