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Electoral reform

Day in court

William BoweMay 3, 201611 Comments

A bush lawyer's guide to Family First Senator Bob Day's High Court challenge to Senate electoral reform.

We have ways of making you preference

William BoweApr 21, 201660 Comments

A major tactical victory for the minority Labor government in Queensland, which has succeeded in tacking a return to compulsory preferential voting on to an Opposition-backed bill to increase the size of parliament.

Senate electoral reform latest

William BoweMar 18, 2016147 Comments

As the passage of the legislation enters its final stages, a thread for discussion of the Senate electoral reform process.

Senate reform reformed

William BoweMar 2, 201660 Comments

A three-day parliamentary inquiry process yields an important result on Senate reform, with below-the-line voters no longer required to number every box.

Double trouble

William BoweFeb 21, 201675 Comments

As parliament prepares to resume, it appears action is finally brewing on Senate reform – auguring a double dissolution election in July, if some media reports are to be believed.

Must try harder

William BoweApr 15, 201516 Comments

A parliamentary inquiry report card on the last federal election considers voter identification, automatic enrolment, the broadcast media blackout and pens rather than pencils in polling booths.

Fitzgerald inquiry

William BoweJan 24, 201557 Comments

An inquiry into a column on upper house electoral reform in The Australian today, and matters related thereto.

JSCEM interim report on Senate reform

William BoweMay 9, 201435 Comments

An interim report by the parliamentary committee looking into last year's election suggests the parliament will proceed sensibly with the once-in-a-generation task of tackling Senate electoral reform.

Setting the bar

William BoweApr 28, 201455 Comments

The major parties are reportedly considering an interesting new approach to Senate electoral reform: denying you your right to have your preferences distributed if you haven't chosen the right party.

BludgerTrack: 50.8-49.2 to Coalition

William BoweNov 28, 2013760 Comments

Powered mostly by Nielsen, but with other stronger polling for Labor also in the mix, the weekly BludgerTrack poll aggregate records its first significant shift since the election.