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Federal Election 2013

Matters for judgment

William BoweJan 22, 201458 Comments

Ahead of potentially decisive High Court hearings next week, another trip down the Western Australian Senate election rabbit hole.

Final score: 53.49-46.51 to Coalition

William BoweNov 29, 20132313 Comments

Definitive election results from the Australian Electoral Commission bring us the long-awaited national two-party preferred result, and details of minor party preference flows.

Courting trouble

William BoweNov 2, 201389 Comments

The WA Senate election gets murkier still, with the two winners originally declared on the basis of a 14-vote difference junked in favour of two other winners declared on the basis of a 12-vote difference. With over 1000 votes known to be missing, it's likely to be a case of see you in court, and then back on the hustings.

Where we at

William BoweOct 31, 20132655 Comments

Those Fairfax and WA Senate recounts are finally set to reach their conclusions over the coming days. That may not be the end of it though ...

Counts and recounts

William BoweOct 11, 20131614 Comments

The Labor leadership contest is approaching the end game, which is more than can be said for the election counts for Fairfax and the WA Senate.

Senate fact-checking and myth-busting

William BoweOct 3, 2013142 Comments

The Western Australian and South Australian Senate results under the microscope: which preference decisions mattered, and which didn't.

Senate call of the board

William BoweSep 25, 2013308 Comments

Senate results sliced and diced as the final determinations are reached, starting with the first two: Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Photo finishes: the Senate

William BoweSep 23, 2013191 Comments

A review of the Senate election results, to be updates as late counting progresses.

Coalition 90, Labor 55, Others 5

William BoweSep 21, 20131044 Comments

House of Representatives numbers settled as Clive Palmer makes it over the line in Fairfax by 36 votes, pending a recount.

Call of the board: part two

William BoweSep 13, 20132051 Comments

A quick run-through election results of interests from seats in the AFL states plus the Australian Capital Territory (the rest having been dealt with yesterday).