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NT By-Elections


Casuarina by-election live

William BoweOct 18, 20148 Comments

The first of our two by-elections today is for the Northern Territory seat of Casuarina, which is being vacated by the retirement of Labor's Kon Vatskalis.

Blain by-election live

William BoweApr 12, 201416 Comments

Will the Northern Territory's Country Liberal government still have its majority by the end of the evening? Find out here.

Blain by-election: April 12

William BoweApr 8, 20146 Comments

The Northern Territory's Country Liberal government will fight to keep its parliamentary majority intact at Saturday's by-election to replace former party leader Terry Mills.

BludgerTrack: 54.7-45.3 to Coalition

William BoweMar 20, 20136394 Comments

The Poll Bludger's federal poll aggregate has recorded little change since the previous result a week ago. Also featured: preselection argybargy, changes to electoral legislation, a new Chief Minister for the Northern Territory, and a by-election result.

Wanguri by-election live

William BoweFeb 16, 201316 Comments

The by-election to fill former ALP Chief Minister Paul Henderson's northern Darwin seat in the Northern Territory parliament is a three-candidate, two-polling booth affair.

Election day: September 14

William BoweJan 30, 20133768 Comments

Regardless of her motivations, the Prime Minister has done us all a good turn by advising well in advance of her plans to hold the election on September 14.

Armadale and Araluen and Walter Taylor

William BoweSep 30, 20103307 Comments

Time for a new thread. Politics watchers have had pretty big fish to fry recently, but as electoral minutiae are this site's raison d'etre, here's a review of looming events which might

Greatorex by-election live

William BoweJul 28, 200768 Comments

7.44pm. Sadadeen booth now in, and CLP candidate Matt Conlan is home and hosed with 53.6 per cent of the primary vote. Paul Herrick now leads the Labor candidate 20.3 per cent to 16.5 p

A by-election called Alice: form guide

William BoweJul 27, 200712 Comments

The tea leaves will not be easy to read, but tomorrow's Northern Territory by-election for the Alice Springs seat of

A by-election called Alice

William BoweJul 3, 200731 Comments

Richard Lim, one of four remaining Country Liberal Party MPs after the party's debacle at the 2005 Northern Territory election, has