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Essential Research: 52-48 to Labor

William BoweJul 26, 20163360 Comments

Labor gains a point in the latest Essential Research poll, which emphasises the importance of health issues in the recent election result, and records deep concern at the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency.

Essential Research state polling

William BoweJul 26, 20161 Comment

Quarterly state polling finds the Coaltion's lead narrowing in New South Wales, Labor taking the lead in Western Australia, and the Nick Xenophon Team on the rise in South Australia.

Pollster performance review

Pollster performance review

William BoweJul 25, 20166 Comments

A performance review of a polling industry that did uncannily well in measuring national voting intention, but was all over the shop in its seat polling.

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EMRS: Liberal 37, Labor 32, Greens 17 in Tasmania

William BoweJul 22, 20165 Comments

A Tasmanian state poll suggests the Liberals' worries in the state haven't ended with a poor federal election result.

Herbert recount thread

William BoweJul 22, 2016240 Comments

A progressively updated post on the recount in the Queensland seat of Herbert, after the initial count was determined in Labor's favour by eight votes.

Essential Research: 51-49 to Labor

William BoweJul 19, 20162599 Comments

A new poll suggests Bill Shorten did a lot better out of the election campaign than Malcolm Turnbull, and finds a mixed response to the new Senate electoral system.

Federal election photo finishes

Federal election photo finishes

William BoweJul 17, 20161818 Comments

A progressively updated review of late counting, as the Coalition's parliamentary majority hangs in the balance.

Election plus two weeks

Election plus two weeks

William BoweJul 17, 20161112 Comments

A deep look at federal election swings, plus a few meagre snippets of post-election polling news.

Toowoomba South by-election: preview and live coverage

William BoweJul 16, 201615 Comments

Voters in the state seat of Toowoomba South again trudge to the polls today after their former member, John McVeigh, sought a higher calling by replacing Ian Macfarlane as federal member for Groom.

Essential Research: 51-49 to Labor

William BoweJul 12, 20161605 Comments

The first poll conducted since the election suggests the result has delivered a blow to Malcolm Turnbull's public prestige.

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