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Mad about the Roy

William BoweAug 13, 2004

Reasonably good news for Labor with today's Roy Morgan poll, a proper effort this time with a sample of just under 2000, that has them leading the Coalition 43 per cent to 40 on the

Clash of civilisations

William BoweAug 13, 2004

Taken together, postings from the past week have perhaps gone too far in painting a picture of a Labor Party that faces a bloodbath whenever the election happens to be called (Crikey

On your marks

William BoweAug 12, 2004

Politically incorrect though it may be to repeatedly blow the trumpet of a Murdoch tabloid, the Poll Bludger just can't get enough of Tuesday's edition of the Daily Telegraph. Yet an

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A Galaxy far, far away

William BoweAug 11, 2004

The Poll Bludger is not big on conspiracy theories, but it is worth noting that recent opinion polls commissioned by Sydney's Daily Telegraph have raised eyebrows even among those wh

Bellwether report

William BoweAug 10, 2004

Two polls released yesterday have given Labor still further cause to pray that Mark Latham's FTA manoeuvre and the public statement by former diplomats and department heads critical

The family that prays together

William BoweAug 9, 2004

It is little wonder that reporters covering the South Australian state election in February 2002 failed to anticipate the success of the Family First party. Long renowned as a haven

If Boothby told

William BoweAug 8, 2004

Regular reader and one-time Labor candidate for Sturt Phil Robins got rather carried away recently when dropping a line to point out a factual error

One day in September

William BoweAug 5, 2004

A recent burst of speculation surrounding a September 18 poll has prompted a revision to the Poll Bludger's federal election calendar, which had given the

Week off

William BoweJul 29, 2004

The Poll Bludger will be lying low for the following week - he trusts the Prime Minister will do the right thing and not call an election in his absence. Until then, all you opinion

Maintain your age

William BoweJul 28, 2004

A noted feature of recent opinion polling has been a continuing softening of support for Mark Latham among those old enough to know better. Last week's ACNielsen poll showed Labor's

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