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Western front communiqué #3

William BoweDec 18, 2004

The WA Labor Party might have hoped for a better start to its weekend than to face a front-page headline in The Australian reading "ALP faces poll rout in the west". Such w

Western front communiqué #2

William BoweDec 13, 2004

The small-sample and often volatile Westpoll, conducted for The West Australian by Patterson Market Research, today shows Geoff Gallop's Labor government

Good housekeeping

William BoweDec 11, 2004

The long-forgotten Australian Capital Territory election of October 16 now has its very own page, in which the blog coverage from that period has been gathe

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Western front communiqué #1

William BoweDec 8, 2004

Welcome to the first in a semi-regular series summarising developments in the lead-up to the Western Australian election: • Monica Videnieks o

Belated Senate overview

William BoweDec 3, 2004

The Poll Bludger has finally extracted the digit and reupholstered his Senate election guide, which now features post-match summaries and detailed excuses a

New Dawn for Dubbo

William BoweNov 22, 2004

The voters of Dubbo defied the Poll Bludger's predictions to deliver a comfortable victory to independent candidate and Dubbo deputy mayor Dawn Fardell at Saturday's by-election. The

Dubbo by-election preview

William BoweNov 19, 2004

Tomorrow sees the end of an Australia-wide by-election drought going back to the Katherine by-election in the Northern Territory in October last year. Voters in Dubbo will go to the

Way out west

William BoweNov 16, 2004

The Western Australian Government's announcement of $1 billion in tax cuts late last month had most convinced that Premier Geoff Gallop was paving the way for a pre-Christmas electio

Ms Milne goes to Canberra

William BoweOct 26, 2004

Greens candidate Christine Milne ended up winning the sixth Tasmanian Senate seat more comfortably than earlier predicted. Most observers thought Milne would need enough Labor votes

Senate cliffhangers

William BoweOct 26, 2004

Apologies for the Poll Bludger's silence over the past 10 days. After taking about a week off your correspondent has been hard at work reupholstering his federa