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Another Senate update

William BoweOct 16, 2004

The only person who really knows what's going on, Antony Green, offered an illuminating contribution to yesterday's Crikey newsletter detailing the state of play in the Senate. In

ACT Election: Conclusion

William BoweOct 16, 2004

A word about that Canberra Times poll. The sampl

ACT Election: Molonglo

William BoweOct 16, 2004

Taking in the central part of Canberra, Molonglo returns seven rather than five members and has a lower quota of 12.5 rather than 16.67 per cent. Voters in the electorate have backed

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ACT Election: Ginninderra

William BoweOct 16, 2004

Ginninderra covers the northern part of Canberra, including Belconnen and Nicholls. Its voting habits have been little different from those at the other end of town in Brindabella (t

Still in play

William BoweOct 15, 2004

It appears that Queensland National Party Senate candidate Barnaby Joyce is firming in his position just ahead of Family First at the crucial point of the count, after which Family F

ACT Election: Brindabella

William BoweOct 15, 2004

The electorate of Brindabella covers the rural areas in the south of the Territory and outer southern Canberra including Tuggeranong. Five members are to be elected under the Hare-Cl

The Senate: part three (Tasmania)

William BoweOct 14, 2004

The Tasmanian Senate result must be considered a big disappointment for the Greens, who were widely expected to win a quota on the primary vote. Instead their primary vote was down t

ACT Election Overview

William BoweOct 14, 2004

The Australian Capital Territory goes to the polls for the second week in a row this Saturday to elect a new 17-member Legislative Assembly. Chief Minister Jon Stanhope's Labor Party

Tasmania and Queensland Senate latest

William BoweOct 13, 2004

Apologies for continued heel-dragging on a full review of the state of the Tasmanian Senate contest, one remarkable feature of which has been a Liberal Party bungle in fielding only

Down to the wire

William BoweOct 13, 2004

Five House of Represenatatives seats are still listed as doubtful by the Australian Electoral Commission; no less than three of them are in South Australia, and four are held actuall