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The gospel according to Sol

William BoweAug 31, 2004

Election watchers with access to Sky News are advised to make a date at 9:30pm next Monday for The Gallery, a campaign chat show with a panel consisting of press gallery denizens Mal

Latham hits the front

William BoweAug 31, 2004

In an election campaign in which both sides have nominated trust and honesty as the major themes, the Poll Bludger got off to a poor start yesterday with his assertion that he had &q

Newspoll and Taverner

William BoweAug 31, 2004

The Coalition has bounced back from a horror result a fortnight ago in today's News

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The short man in history

William BoweAug 30, 2004

With three consecutive election wins under his belt including one that delivered him one of the biggest parliamentary majorities in Australian history, it would seem safe to assume t

Crystal ball gazing

William BoweAug 30, 2004

The Poll Bludger has meticulously sifted through his House of Representatives election guide to determine the likely outcome in each of the 150 seats, which

And they're off

William BoweAug 29, 2004

A bleary-eyed and hungover Poll Bludger awoke mid-afternoon to face the big news, that October 9 will indeed be the big day. The Senate however will sit as scheduled on Monday and Tu

Election date entrails examined

William BoweAug 28, 2004

As anyone who has heard a news report in the last 24 hours will be aware, speculation is rife that John Howard will call an election tomorrow for October 9. While this would mean an

Sugaring the poll

William BoweAug 26, 2004

Throughout the life of the Howard Government, the threat of a rural revolt has been the dog that never quite barked. It was widely predicted that One Nation would sweep all before th

Some opinion polls

William BoweAug 24, 2004

The Fairfax papers yesterday published a state-by-state voting breakdown from the past three monthly pol

People get ready

William BoweAug 21, 2004

While nobody is taking seriously the Prime Minister's recent assertion that the election could be held as late as Ma

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