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A tale of four seats

William BoweSep 30, 2004

Four new campaign updates for the ever-burgeoning House of Representatives guide. Once again, the action begins in the electorate of ...

Victorian Senate overview

William BoweSep 29, 2004

Welcome to the belated second installment in our six-part series looking at the state Senate contests, today's subject being Victoria. As a service to bewildered Victorian voters, wh

Family First, Labor last

William BoweSep 28, 2004

Antony Green has dropped a line to advise caution in my assumption that Liberal preferences will overwhelmingly favour the Greens over Labor in Mel

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Newspoll, Morgan and Westpoll

William BoweSep 27, 2004

Tomorrow's Newspoll has Labor maintaining most of its surprise lead from last week, now leading 52-48. Roy Morgan's face-to-face poll released today had the parties evenly split on t

Around the grounds

William BoweSep 27, 2004

Week five, and what better way to kick it off than with a batch of new campaign updates for the House of Representatives guide.

Trouble and strife

William BoweSep 25, 2004

Judith Brett, professor of politics at La Trobe University and author of Australian Liberals and the Moral Middle Class,

An innings and 300 runs

William BoweSep 24, 2004

For the second week in a row ACNielsen has produced an eyebrow-raising primary vote for the Coalition. Speaking on Sky News this evening, Margo Kingston revealed that the poll to app

Another one bites the dust

William BoweSep 24, 2004

Very bad news for Labor today with The Advertiser running a poll from a remarkab

Morgan and the Senate

William BoweSep 23, 2004

Praise be to the Roy Morgan organisation, which has apparently been asking respondents a bonus question on Senate voting

Electorate snippets

William BoweSep 22, 2004

When the Poll Bludger gets around to adding his next batch of federal election guide updates, they might look a little something like this:

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