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Newspoll and Westpoll

William BoweSep 6, 2004

Newspoll appears to have moved to regular weekly polling for the campaign period, this week recording the Coalition picking up another 2 per cent to even the ledger on two-party pref

Tables turned

William BoweSep 5, 2004

The table below features results from the TNS poll of three Queensland marginal seats published in yesterday's Courier Mail, not to be confused with Newspoll's effort in The Australi

Laboring in Queensland: part two

William BoweSep 4, 2004

Not much co-ordination going on between the various tentacles of the Murdoch octopus, as the Courier Mail today carried entirely different

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What's on in Queensland and Victoria (mostly)

William BoweSep 4, 2004

No intentional theme here, Queensland and Victoria just happened to be where the action was in the second half of the opening week. With one notable exception:

The place to be

William BoweSep 4, 2004

Better news for Labor in Victoria with a McNair Ingenuity poll carried in today's Heral

Laboring in Queensland

William BoweSep 4, 2004

The Poll Bludger is feeling rather pleased with his prediction of two days ago in which readers were told to expect "a series of (opinion poll) results that confound pundits by

The madness of King Peter

William BoweSep 3, 2004

Member for Wentworth Peter King will today announce if he intends to run for re-election as an independent against the man who defeated him for

As the crow flies

William BoweSep 2, 2004

The Advertiser today carries a poll of 558 South Australian voters showing the C

The godfather of poll

William BoweSep 1, 2004

Malcolm Mackerras emerged on Monday, as he always does at times like these, to deliver his curmudgeonly assessments of the state of play in

Around the traps

William BoweSep 1, 2004

Various happenings around the place have prompted the first set of campaign updates for the House of Representatives election guide. To save you the effort: