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A tale of two seats

William BoweJul 24, 2004

A couple of entries in the federal election guide have needed substantial revisions recently, the obvious example being the Liberal vacancy created in the M

Celebrity wheel of fortune

William BoweJul 22, 2004

At first the "Vote for Me" contest being conducted by Channel Seven's Sunrise program seemed vaguely distastef

Newspoll and ACNielsen

William BoweJul 21, 2004

Contemporary readers have no doubt heard already, but for the benefit of future generations, let it be recorded here that polls released yesterday by Newspoll and ACNielsen produced

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Morgan, McNair and Westpoll

William BoweJul 17, 2004

Roy Morgan appears to have marked the arrival of election season by moving its schedule from fortnightly to weekly federal polling. Unfortun

House of cards

William BoweJul 15, 2004

Yesterday's surprise reshuffle marked a departure from the earlier practice of the Howard Government, which entered the last two elections with no changes to the ministry in the prec

One-way ticket

William BoweJul 11, 2004

On Friday the last piece in the Senate election puzzle fell into place when the National Party held its preselection for the second position on the joint Coalition ticket in

August 7 - the God that failed

William BoweJul 7, 2004

So, no August 7 election then. The next hypothesis to face the test is the one involving an August 14 election announced after a cabinet meeting next Tuesday, but this is not where T

New stuff, and lots of it

William BoweJul 5, 2004

The Poll Bludger's long promised and much-delayed seat-by-seat guide to the House of Representatives election is finally available for public edification and enlightenment.

Phoney war dispatches: final edition

William BoweJun 29, 2004

In order to mark the end of the financial year, the handover of sovereignty in Iraq and the arrival of the period in which the Prime Minister may call a half-Senate election, the Pol

State of excitement

William BoweJun 26, 2004

For much of the current term, election watchers have been looking at the Coalition side of the Mackerras pendulum to identify the 11 seats Labor will have to win to gain a majority.

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