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One-way ticket

William BoweJul 11, 2004

On Friday the last piece in the Senate election puzzle fell into place when the National Party held its preselection for the second position on the joint Coalition ticket in

August 7 - the God that failed

William BoweJul 7, 2004

So, no August 7 election then. The next hypothesis to face the test is the one involving an August 14 election announced after a cabinet meeting next Tuesday, but this is not where T

New stuff, and lots of it

William BoweJul 5, 2004

The Poll Bludger's long promised and much-delayed seat-by-seat guide to the House of Representatives election is finally available for public edification and enlightenment.

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Phoney war dispatches: final edition

William BoweJun 29, 2004

In order to mark the end of the financial year, the handover of sovereignty in Iraq and the arrival of the period in which the Prime Minister may call a half-Senate election, the Pol

State of excitement

William BoweJun 26, 2004

For much of the current term, election watchers have been looking at the Coalition side of the Mackerras pendulum to identify the 11 seats Labor will have to win to gain a majority.

Phoney war dispatches: reality check edition

William BoweJun 22, 2004

With the cycle upset by Newspoll's three-week break, all three major opinion pollsters have delivered their findings in the past five days. For once, there is a remarkable degree of

Phoney war dispatches: No Newspoll edition

William BoweJun 15, 2004

The nation's tea-leaf readers have been left driving blind after today's non-appearance of Newspoll, which is apparently taking an extended

Phoney war dispatches: "Don't cross that floor ..." edition

William BoweJun 8, 2004

• Labor's plans to enlist Australian Conservation Foundation president and Oz Rock giant Peter Garrett for a safe Sydney seat had politics watchers of a certain age scanning the

Blind date

William BoweJun 6, 2004

The Government's plan to keep everyone guessing about the date of the election seems to be doing its job, with the subject dominating taxi-cab and water-cooler conversation and stopp

Phoney war dispatches: Newspoll somersault special

William BoweJun 1, 2004

In the past week two articles in The Australian - one on Saturday and