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The Poll Bludger



Dispatches from the phony war: episode one

William BoweApr 25, 2004

Today the Poll Bludger commemorates Anzac Day with the first in what will be a regular series drawing together the major events of the preceding week as momentum builds towards the c

Makin whoopee

William BoweApr 23, 2004

Opinion poll watchers are currently trying to work out how Newspoll was able to conclude this week that although Labor's 4 per cent primary

Council of the wise

William BoweApr 12, 2004

The best way to explain the Tasmanian parliamentary system to newcomers is to say that it's like the federal parliament, only the other way round - single-member districts in the upp

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Wisdom of Solomon (and Lingiari)

William BoweApr 6, 2004

After 13 months spent living in terror at the prospect of reduced federal parliamentary representation, Northern Territorians can again breathe easy. Last Thursday parliament legisla

More on the Brissiemander

William BoweMar 31, 2004

What a fascinating post-election wash-up they are having up Brisbane way, with the Couri

Brisbane Council gerrymander exposed

William BoweMar 28, 2004

The Poll Bludger's perception that the Liberal Party was stiffed in the Brisbane City Council ward elections has hardened upon closer analysis of the voting figures. Bearing in mind

Council elections wash-up

William BoweMar 28, 2004

Well, shut my mouth. In his earlier posting on the Brisbane City Council election your correspondent declared that "three weeks after an el

The truth of the 'matta

William BoweMar 27, 2004

The Poll Bludger is currently beavering away at his seat-by-seat federal election guide, to be launched in its full glory whenever the campaign commences. T

More fun in Queensland

William BoweMar 17, 2004

The Poll Bludger's brief is state and federal elections, but there is one municipality in Australia that is sufficiently large and partisan to be of interest to observers focused on

Dead wood and bad blood

William BoweMar 13, 2004

One swallow does not a summer make, and even the months from December to February don't count for as much as other seasons on the Australian political calendar (the ones not habitual