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Sugaring the poll

William BoweAug 26, 2004

Throughout the life of the Howard Government, the threat of a rural revolt has been the dog that never quite barked. It was widely predicted that One Nation would sweep all before th

Some opinion polls

William BoweAug 24, 2004

The Fairfax papers yesterday published a state-by-state voting breakdown from the past three monthly pol

People get ready

William BoweAug 21, 2004

While nobody is taking seriously the Prime Minister's recent assertion that the election could be held as late as Ma

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Act local

William BoweAug 20, 2004

Roy Morgan has been keeping its profile up recently with a series of low-sample phone polls addressing questions of marginal interest at best.

High fidelity

William BoweAug 20, 2004

If anyone was wondering how Ross Cameron's remarkable decision to give his dirty laundry a public airing was going to play in his very marginal electorate of

A Canning plan

William BoweAug 19, 2004

Labor has moved quickly to fill the vacancy created by Cimlie Bowden's withdrawal as candidate for Canning on Monday, with former state minister K

Rough trade

William BoweAug 17, 2004

Doubts that the Poll Bludger had harboured over the opinion poll dividend awaiting Mark Latham's Free Trade Agreement manouevre have been laid to rest with today's Newspoll and ACNie

Margin for error

William BoweAug 16, 2004

The phony election campaign has been marked by a series of unforced errors from candidates on both sides of the fence in crucial marginal seats. First came revelations surrounding Tr

Top Sunday reading

William BoweAug 15, 2004

The Sunday Age has again seen fit to commission Taverner to conduct a poll of New South Wales and Victor

Mad about the Roy

William BoweAug 13, 2004

Reasonably good news for Labor with today's Roy Morgan poll, a proper effort this time with a sample of just under 2000, that has them leading the Coalition 43 per cent to 40 on the