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Phoney war dispatches: No Newspoll edition

William BoweJun 15, 2004

The nation's tea-leaf readers have been left driving blind after today's non-appearance of Newspoll, which is apparently taking an extended

Phoney war dispatches: “Don’t cross that floor …” edition

William BoweJun 8, 2004

• Labor's plans to enlist Australian Conservation Foundation president and Oz Rock giant Peter Garrett for a safe Sydney seat had politics watchers of a certain age scanning the

Blind date

William BoweJun 6, 2004

The Government's plan to keep everyone guessing about the date of the election seems to be doing its job, with the subject dominating taxi-cab and water-cooler conversation and stopp

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Phoney war dispatches: Newspoll somersault special

William BoweJun 1, 2004

In the past week two articles in The Australian - one on Saturday and

Green and red

William BoweMay 31, 2004

Your correspondent had heretofore enjoyed a monopoly as Poll Bludger content provider, but he is more than happy to surrender it to ABC election analyst Antony Green. Mr Green droppe

Phoney war dispatches: calm before the storm edition

William BoweMay 25, 2004

With the election appearing even more imminent than was realised, the Poll Bludger has abandoned sleep and meal breaks to complete his guide to the federal elec

Phoney war dispatches: budget polling bonanza

William BoweMay 18, 2004

Budget week has let loose a torrent of opinion poll results from which you can argue whatever you like, depending on which ones you choose. Roy Morgan and Newspoll both reported a po

Budget lockdown

William BoweMay 13, 2004

Readers will hardly need the Poll Bludger to inform them that the spending bonanza in Tuesday night's budget has had pretty much everyone convinced that the federal election will be

Phoney war dispatches: episode three

William BoweMay 9, 2004

Welcome to the Poll Bludger's Mothers' Day Edition of Phoney War Dispatches. • Tuesday's Newspoll had the Coalition and Labor

Phoney war dispatches: episode two

William BoweMay 2, 2004

Despite an eventful week in federal politics, things were somewhat quieter on the electoral front. • ACNielsen turned in a near replica of last week's