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Second and third thoughts

William BoweFeb 4, 2004

The Poll Bludger has received outstanding intelligence from Queensland observer Peter Krumins which has prompted what will no doubt be the first of many second thoughts about my

Polls and prophecies

William BoweFeb 3, 2004

The last few days have produced a flurry of localised opinion polling, much of it dubious but all of it pointing so firmly in the same direction that only one conclusion is possible

Crystal ball time

William BoweJan 31, 2004

Dan Van Blarcom may consider himself the inaugural recipient of the Poll Bludger Kiss of Death. Apparently if this site describes you as "promising" (see somewhere in the m

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A bunch of dickheads

William BoweJan 29, 2004

The idea for a post on Graham Elmes, the colourful National Party candidate for the Cape York electorate of Cook, had been brewing for a while, but the

Accentuate the positive

William BoweJan 28, 2004

Liberal candidate Ray Stevens scored a free kick in his campaign for the Gold Coast seat of Gaven yesterday after a sloppy tackle from Labor incumbent

Australian independents day

William BoweJan 26, 2004

Today the Poll Bludger celebrates Australia Day with a tribute to that exemplar of the can-do spirit that made this country what it is, the independent election candidate. At the ele

Polls that don’t count: numbers three and four

William BoweJan 24, 2004

The Poll Bludger has been a little too busy to give Thursday's Queensland election Newspoll its due weight and by now there's not much left

Campaign updates

William BoweJan 23, 2004

Some of those Queensland election guide entries were showing their age so updates have now been added where necessary. Readers are invited to take a another

Highlights of day nine

William BoweJan 21, 2004

Only a token effort today unfortunately, on the day in our history when the Liberals and Nationals both decided that they too wanted in on the just-vote-one action. Cut out of prefer

Coming attractions

William BoweJan 20, 2004

Nominations for the Queensland election closed at noon today and those of you who enjoy a good read can peruse the fill list courtesy of our friends at the