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Galaxy: 51-49 to Labor in Queensland

William BoweAug 6, 20175 Comments

Both major parties continue to perform poorly on the primary vote in Queensland state politics, leaving a looming election dependent on the mystery factor of minor party preferences.

ReachTEL: 51-49 to LNP in Queensland

William BoweJun 4, 201722 Comments

A new state poll from Queensland suggests the Labor government is continuing to struggle in the face of ongoing strong support for One Nation.

Galaxy: 52-48 to Labor in Queensland

William BoweApr 29, 201713 Comments

Galaxy records a big boost for Annastacia Palaszczuk's personal ratings, and a partial return to normality on voting intention as One Nation loses some of its shine.

Queensland redistributed (state)

William BoweFeb 24, 201715 Comments

A thread for discussion of Queensland's momentous state electoral redistribution.

Galaxy: Labor 31, LNP 33, One Nation 23 in Queensland; ReachTEL: 53-47 to LNP

William BoweFeb 11, 201721 Comments

The latest Queensland state poll finds One Nation continuing to tear strips off both parties' shares of the primary vote.

Galaxy: 51-49 to Labor in Queensland

William BoweNov 13, 2016

A Queensland state poll finds One Nation still going strong, as the two major parties maintain their fine balance of support.

Morgan state polling: October 2016

William BoweOct 10, 201610 Comments

Roy Morgan's latest round of state polling finds Labor sneaking ahead in New South Wales, and building on a modest lead in Western Australia five months out from an election. UPDATE: With further state results now from Essential as well.

Morgan state polling: August 2016

William BoweSep 9, 20162 Comments

Morgan's latest SMS state polls find Labor dominant in Victoria but crashing in South Australia, with close results elsewhere. Also featured: union-commissioned private polling from New South Wales.

Galaxy: 50-50 in Queensland

William BoweAug 6, 201624 Comments

The One Nation revival gains further steam with a new poll of state voting intention from Queensland.

Essential Research state polling

William BoweJul 26, 20161 Comment

Quarterly state polling finds the Coaltion's lead narrowing in New South Wales, Labor taking the lead in Western Australia, and the Nick Xenophon Team on the rise in South Australia.