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SA Election 2014


Four more years (maybe)

William BoweMar 24, 201445 Comments

One week on, a result of sorts – namely, Labor's first election victory at federal or state level in nearly four years.

South Australian election late counting

William BoweMar 18, 2014390 Comments

A progressively updated post following the counting of over a quarter-of-a-million outstanding votes in South Australia's cliffhanger election.

South Australian election morning after thread

William BoweMar 16, 2014318 Comments

The South Australian election result remains up in the air after a gravely disappointing night for the Liberals.

South Australian election live

William BoweMar 15, 2014452 Comments

A thread for discussion of tonight's South Australian election count as the results roll in.

Newspoll and ReachTEL: final South Australian polls

William BoweMar 15, 201456 Comments

Newspoll suggests a tight race for the Liberals in their endeavour to gain the six seats needed for a majority in South Australia, although it's a rather different story from ReachTEL.

Galaxy: 51-49 to Labor in Newland and Mitchell (SA)

William BoweMar 13, 2014122 Comments

Two new electorate-level polls suggest an intriguing election night looms in South Australia on Saturday.

South Australian election minus two days

William BoweMar 13, 201434 Comments

Perhaps fittingly, the closing week of a flat and lacklustre South Australian election campaign has been dominated by back-and-forth claims over campaign advertising.

South Australian election minus one week

William BoweMar 8, 201478 Comments

Introducing a guide to the election for the Legislative Council, plus some updates from around the grounds.

South Australian election minus 11 days

William BoweMar 4, 201455 Comments

Some more local colour from an otherwise colourless campaign, for an election now less than two weeks away.

Newspoll: 54-46 to Liberal in South Australia

William BoweMar 1, 201449 Comments

Two weeks out from polling day, Newspoll provides further evidence that the South Australian Liberals are headed for a solid win. UPDATE: And now a Galaxy poll with a 50-50 result in the marginal seat of Colton ...