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Tasmanian Periodical Elections

Tasmanian upper house elections live

William BoweMay 6, 201719 Comments

Live counting of today's three upper house elections in Tasmania, the most interesting of which pits a Liberal-identifying independent incumbent against a Labor challenger.

Matters Tasmanian

William BoweMay 5, 20171 Comment

Lots to report from the apple isle: new electoral boundaries, state upper house elections, and an encouraging poll for new Labor leader Rebecca White.

Tasmanian upper house elections: Apsley and Elwick

William BoweMay 7, 20162 Comments

Summaries and live count commentary on today's elections for two of the fifteen seats for Tasmania's Legislative Council.

Tasmanian upper house elections: Windermere, Derwent, Mersey

William BoweMay 2, 201524 Comments

Three of the seats for Tasmania's 15-member Legislative Council are up for election today, including the only one still held by Labor.

Huon and Rosevears live

William BoweMay 3, 201421 Comments

Live coverage of the count for today's elections in the Tasmanian Legislative Council seats of Huon and Rosevears.

Tasmanian upper house elections: Huon and Rosevears

William BoweMay 2, 201415 Comments

Seven weeks after their landslide election win, Tasmania's Liberals are hoping to remain on the front foot at tomorrow's elections for two of the state's 15 upper house seats.

Tasmanian upper house elections

William BoweMay 4, 201315 Comments

Hold on to your hats election buffs, for today's the day Tasmania elects one fifth of its Legislative Council.

Hobart and Western Tiers live

William BoweMay 5, 201219 Comments

Sunday. The Tasmanian Electoral Commission has provisionally reviewed the preferences and been unable to determine definitively that the Greens will finish ahead of Labor in Hobart, alt

Tasmanian upper house elections: May 5

William BoweApr 30, 20127 Comments

Voters in two of Tasmania's 15 Legislative Council divisions (or at least, those of them who can be bothered) will go to the polls on Saturday, a result of the quaint arrangement for th

Tasmanian upper house elections live

William BoweMay 7, 201144 Comments

Figures at close of counting on polling day. RUMNEY #