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Western Australian Election 2013


BludgerTrack: 55.0-45.0 to Coalition

William BoweMay 1, 20132781 Comments

A poor showing for Labor in the latest Morgan poll combined with a static Essential Research result have halted the weak momentum to Labor in the BludgerTrack poll aggregate.

WA election: late counting

William BoweMar 11, 201387 Comments

To be updated with details of late counting in the Western Australian election, with five seats in the lower house and three in the upper still in varying degrees of doubt.

WA election: the morning after

William BoweMar 10, 201388 Comments

An impressionistic and poorly proof-read review of Colin Barnett's WA landslide.

Western Australian election live thread

William BoweMar 9, 2013189 Comments

A thread for discussion of the Western Australian election count as it unfolds.

Newspoll: 59.5-40.5 to Liberal-Nationals in WA

William BoweMar 8, 201373 Comments

Newspoll's final result for the Western Australian campaign suggests Labor faces an even grimmer night tomorrow than anticipated.

WA election minus one day

William BoweMar 8, 201337 Comments

A tasty collection of electorate-level news morsels ahead of tomorrow's Western Australian state election.

WA election minus three days

William BoweMar 6, 201337 Comments

With internal polling reportedly pointing to a pro-government swing of up to 5%, WA Labor is hoping the prospect of a Troy Buswell premiership will persuade voters to think again.

WA election: Legislative Council guide

William BoweMar 4, 20136 Comments

Ahead of Saturday's state election, a guide to the six regions constituting Western Australia's Legislative Council.

WA election: modelling the 2008 result

William BoweFeb 28, 201326 Comments

An attempt to make sense of where the two parties over- and under-performed at the last WA state election.

WA election minus 11 days

William BoweFeb 26, 201327 Comments

With less than two weeks to go until the WA state election, Labor's heroic effort to seize the campaign initiative doesn't seem to be changing voters' inclination to return the Barnett government.