Welcome to US Election day. Turnout looks big, African Americans and the Yoof seemed to be turning out in large numbers, the Democrats won Dixie Notch New Hampshire overnight for the first time since 1968 and the number crunchers of Pollster.com, Intrade, Fivethirtyeight , the Princeton Election Consortium and Electoral-Vote all project a sizeable Obama victory.

Sam Wang from the Princeton Election Consortium has produced a cracker of a cheat sheet showing what to look for as the numbers unfold and when and where to keep the eyes peeled. There’s a lot of these sheets around, but this one is the best by far for the sort of folks that read a place like this. Download it here.

Robert Corr has value added to the Swing State Project‘s poll closing time map by putting in Oz times (three cheers Robert!).

I’ll be joining fellow Crikey folk including William Bowe and Trevor Cook in a collective live blog of the results starting around 9:00am, where you can join in with the fun either at the Crikey US Election live page or below.  I’ll be blogging from the Jubilee Hotel in Fortitude Valley today, so if you’re in the area, drop in and say g’day.

I won’t be keeping a big eye on the comments here today – only so many eyeballs and all, so for anyone keen on discussion, I suggest Pollbludger where I’ll be keeping a bit more of an eye on than here.

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