The internets are revolting!

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And literally etc etc etc.

But please, some of us need to take a deep breath!

Over at New Matilda, Ben Eltham wrote:

The accepted wisdom is that Kevin Rudd is playing smart politics by wedging the Greens and not getting big business offside. This is wrong too. Rudd has now ruined any credibility Labor retained with environmentalists, scientists and Greens voters, who must now surely be expected to turn viciously against the Rudd Government. Not only will he not be able to get this Bill through the Senate, but he may have said goodbye to plenty of Greens preferences in the next election. That’s not particularly smart ballot box politics, whatever the principle at stake.

Follow the logic steps.

1. Rudd won’t get it through the Senate since it’s too low a target for the Greens (and apparently too high for the Coalition)

2. As a result the ALP will probably lose Greens preferences.


So Green voters are going to preference the party that thinks 5% is too high (the Coalition) over the party that thinks 5-15% is about right, purely as a protest against the party with the higher target because it wasn’t high enough?

I’m not picking on Ben particularly here (he’s a nice bloke worth reading), but honestly folks – remember to breathe! 😀

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