Think about the nature of the compensation payments being proposed regarding the ETS, think about the nature of the payments that composed the Global Financial Crisis Security Package. Hell, you can choose just about anything the ALP has done on the government transfer payment front this year.

Then think about this chart – the proportion of each electorate that receives Family Tax Benefit Part A vs. the ALP two party preferred swing at the 2007 Election (the red line is a simple regression line)

Enlightened yet? 🙂

Since this is the festive season and all, let’s have a buy one get one free day on the chart front. If we scatter the number of people receiving the Age Pension against the number of people receiving FTB Part A by electorate, the results explain an awful lot about the nature of seats and particularly the nature of the Coalition.

Notice how the seats in the bottom left of the chart are where the Liberal Party get’s its leadership and party financing from,  Also note the National Party cluster out on the far right of the chart.


George Megalogenis weighs in on the CPRS compensation and its FTB and Low Income Tax Offset basis – putting some $$ meat on the bones to the first chart.

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