Just a quickie. Since one large part of the stimulus package is delivered on the basis of Family Tax Benefit qualifications (the cash payments – yeah, yeah – whooda thunk it!) and another part goes to schools – if we want to see which seats the stimulus will have the biggest bang in, we can chart the proportion of the electorate receiving Family Tax Benefit Part B against the ratio of voters to school kids in each seat (the smaller the ratio, the larger the relative number of school kids are in the electorate). The places that will likely receive the biggest benefit are in the top left corner. Just click on the image to enlarge:

We can also use FTB Part A which is where the back to school rebate is calculated – the chart is very similar to the above chart, so if we just blow up the top left corner we get the seats where it really hits big on benefits.


Even though Wentworth looks like the seat with the least stimulus on these measures – it’s actually second last. Melbourne Ports is last with a ratio of 9 on the school kids to voters (taking it way off the chart to the left right it’s been a long day) and a FTB B proportion of 4.2%. If I included Melbourne Ports on the chart it would have bunched everything up and made it unreadable.


Some have wanted the entire FTB Part A vs Voters per school child chart. Just remember that Melbourne Ports is again way off to the right of the chart.

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