A very small Essential Report from yesterday had the ALP primary vote up 1 to 50 and the Coalition primary steady on 34. The Two Party Preferred remained 61/39 as it was last week.

Better PM had Rudd leading 60/20 with 20 having no opinion. On the cross-tabs Essential said:

58% of Coalition voters believe Turnbull would make a better Prime Minister than Rudd, 15% of Coalition voters prefer Rudd than Turnbull and 27% of these same voters have no opinion.

If we look at the history of Essential voting estimates and use a Henderson Moving Average as a smoothing algorithm (just for something different) we get:

This week Essential also did their approval rating question set, giving the following results.

Notable is Turnbull going inverted on net approval for the first time, having more people disapprove of his performance than approve. On the cross-tabs Essential said:

97% of Labor voters strongly approve/approve of Kevin Rudd while only 59% of Coalition voters strongly approve/approve of Malcolm Turnbull.

No additional Essential questions this week, but plenty coming next poll.

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