Essential Report will be out later today, apparently with a big bag of questions – so to tie us over until then it might be interesting to have a squiz at net satisfaction ratings of every Leader of the Opposition going back to Howard in the late 80’s. Net satisfaction ratings tell us whether more people are satisfied than not with the leadership of a given person- but it’s often a proxy for the behaviour of the political party itself. I’ve also added the net satisfaction proportions of just decided voters – which excludes the uncommitted/undecided/don’t know group the satisfaction rating question. The way these two measurements move together tells us quite a bit about the way undecideds have broken.

An important part of net satisfaction ratings are their impact on the way undecided and nominally soft voters behave in the ballot booth, where the personality of the leader in question can play an important role in determining whether Party A or Party B will ultimately end up with their TPP vote.

For these, I’ve used Newspoll.


Now available in new stacked line chart flavour!

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