Today The Oz brings us a new January/February Newspoll for New South Wales showing the Coalition down 1 to 42 on the primaries, with the ALP up 4 to 30. This washes through to a two party preferred of 56/44 lead to the Coalition, a  3 point boost to the ALP since the last poll in Nov/Dec.

This was from a sample of 1265 (MoE around 2.8%)  with 4% uncommitted and 3% refused/excluded on the primary vote estimates.

The usual charts look a little like this:

nswvotesfeb09 nswbpfeb09

nswpremsatfeb09 nswopsatfeb09


All these movements are within the margin of error of this poll and the previous, so it seems like it’s business as usual in the State of NSW with the ALP still headed for an absolutely massive thumping.

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