This a repost from an article over at the Crikey Qld Election Blog.

Warning – sunglasses may be needed for the following post. In fact, for those folks that are very sensitive to crimes against data visualisation, this post has also been produced using netbrail. Just close your eyes and feel the screen if you care for your sight 😀

Some of you may remember the LNP’s entry into the world of Excel abuse with their chartmare – for those that can’t, this is the chart in question

(just click to expand it into an exact scale replication)


Not to be outdone, the ALP have come up with their own version of completely pointless graphical displays in a document about Payroll Tax. The document is all neatly set out, looks professional and uses a nice system of colour coordination until this insult slaps you in the head.

Just click these babies to expand them into an exact scale replication

chartsnark1 chartsnark2

At least it’s in 2 dimensions rather than 3, but WTF is it with those grey backgrounds!

And just what is the point of having big black gridlines that hide the small blue data lines! The very purpose of charts and graphs is to convey the meaning of data in a way that facilitates its understanding. That means it must be easily readable as the fundamental starting point.

Unfortunately it’s a metaphor for modern politics – everything has become so default that even the charts aren’t dared to be changed from the factory settings.

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