Some of you may have been wondering why the electoral demographic profiles haven’t been updated of late. The answer is pretty simple, I couldn’t be bothered to create 150 separate posts, nor do the tedious charting work that went into them. So instead of going down that silly route, I found a much better way. All the census and electoral information that was in the profiles is now wrapped up in one simple infographic flash app – a spiffy toy.

Choose the electorates on the left of the app (organised by State), then choose the Economic, Social, Employment and Industry, Occupation and Political tabs at the top to get the relevant information for each Commonwealth Electoral Division. It comes as an swf file that needs more than 600 pixels of width to work at its best (which is what we have here on our humble little blog), so rather than embed it and have everyone squinting and reaching for the magnifying glasses, just click the screenshot below and it will launch in a new window.

Then simply resize your window to whatever dimensions tickle your fancy.


I’ll replace the electorate profiles with a special page for this over the next day or two. And there’s more of these interactive flash jobs to come.

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