Yesterday in comments, Oz asked about the recent history of polling on climate change by Essential Report. There’s been just over 20 questions going back to July last year – so there’s quite a bit of info. Most of the Essential climate change polling isn’t in the form of some standard, regularly repeated set of questions that can be tracked across time – but instead are mostly climate change questions framed in terms of the political events of the time.

So rather than attempt some analytical yoga where we try and extract rough approve/dissapprove or support/do not support responses out of the plethora of questions that are only vaguely related, it might be best (and easiest) to just treat the data on it’s own merits. So, to that end, below is a pdf file (1mb) of all of the Essential Report questions and responses on climate change dating back to July 2008 – I’ve added the date of each survey as well.

Essential Report Climate Change Questions

On something entirely different, the “electorate demographic profiles” spiffy toy has been moved over to its dedicated page, accessible any time by simply clicking on the “Electorate Demographic Profiles” text on the sidebar to your right, below the Pollytrend graphics.

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