Reading the latest piece from Michael Stutchbury got me thinking, is the reason why The Australian has turned into Fox News with words because of a relatively recent demographic shift in their audience?

Is it a case where large demographic slices of people with any get up and go, simply got up and left the musings of The Oz, leaving behind an old, but educated audience of has-been conservatives, getting their world view tickled by one ideologically soothing editorial line after another to shore up market share?

It would explain a lot if it were the case.

Oh, and be nice in comments – it’s an honest question looking for quality thoughts. Why has Australia’s once accepted journal of record become what it has?

Its general reporting and occasional investigative piece is still absolutely top notch – it’s value add on the other hand, apart from a few very notable exceptions, simply speaks for itself.

It’s really a bit of a tragedy.

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