Just a quick update from Friday’s post on unemployment by electorate – and for those reading this that haven’t seen the previous post, it’s probably worth having a squiz to know what’s going on.

I’ve redone the maps of Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne regions in a much easier to understand format.

The cross-hatched areas show the regions where the unemployment rate has actually decreased over the period from the 2007 Election through to June 2009. The horizontal lines show the areas where the unemployment rate has increased by between zero and 3% while the vertical lines show the areas where unemployment has increased by 3% or more over the period. First up is Brisbane and Melbourne regions, followed by Sydney and Adelaide.

brisbane2 melbourne2

sydney2 adelaide2

If anyone wants more regions shown, just give me a yell in comments, as I can easily throw in a link to an image now that I’ve got it all set up in a proper GIS format.

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