…. and a by-election for Bradfield to be held according to Phil Coorey. All that one can say is that he must be pissed off with the Liberal Party.

On the serious side, over at the Electorate Demographic Profiles spiffy toy, the interesting things to note are how there’s been a steady trend to Labor since 1996, pretty much ignoring the whims of the wider Australian electorate. The question is how much of that is demographic change and how much of it is some relatively unique version of the Bradfield political cycle? So saying, the ALP two party preferred moved from 24.2% in 1996 almost perfectly linearly to 36.6% at the last election.This isnt exactly a seat changing party hands anytime soon under normal circumstances.

The other thing of interest is that Bradfield has been an area where unemployment has been hitting relatively strongly, especially through the finance and insurance industries which provided just under 10% of the employment by industry type at the 2006 census.

But enough of the serious side of things. Tarago drivers with 5 kids and a wheelchair in the back caught in petrol station queues salute you Brendan Nelson – they were truly the Hidden People until you brought their plight to the nation’s attention.


And let us never forget Brendan’s pursuit of equality for all babies.


For serious analysis of what will probably be a rather dull and predictable by-election involving the Liberal Party, The Greens and a bus load of independents, Antony Green and Poll Bludger and Tallyroom have the juice.

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