This week’s Essential Report comes in with the primaries running 48 (down 1) / 37 (up 2) to Labor, washing out into a two party preferred of 58/42 the same way – a one point gain to the Coalition. The Greens are on 8 (steady), while the broad “Others” come in on 7 (down 2). This comes from a two week rolling sample of 1853, giving an MoE that maxes out around the 2.3% mark.

Additional questions this week were on the private health insurance rebate, Turnbull and AWA’s, school funding, working hours, the Balibo Five and which party is responsible for most of our economic reform.

Government legislation to means test the 30 per cent rebate on private health insurance for singles on incomes over $75,000 and couples on $150,000‐plus has been rejected by the Senate. Do you support or oppose means testing the heath insurance rebate for people on higher incomes?

phi1The cross-tabs tell us:

Labor voters were strongly in favor of the legislation – 70% support and 19% oppose. Coalition voters are split on this issue – 48% support the legislation and 42% oppose.

Older respondents were more likely to support the legislation. 64% of those aged 45+ support the legislation compared to 47% of those aged under 45.

44% of those earning over $1,600 per week support the legislation and 44% oppose.

Do you approve or disapprove of the Federal Labor Government maintaining the previous Coalition Government’s formula for funding private schools?

schoolfundingThe cross-tabs tell us:

48% of Labor voters disapprove and 27% approve. Among Coalition voters 54% approve and 29% disapprove.

46% of respondents aged 35‐54 disapproved and 29% approved.

Compared to 12 months ago, have your average working hours per week increased or decreased?

(based on sample of workers =756)


Essential says on the cross tabs:

Workers on lower incomes were more likely to be working fewer hours per week and those on higher incomes were more likely to be working longer hours. 19% of those on less than $1,000 per week said their hours had increased and 38% said they had decreased.

For those on more than $1,600 per week, 40% said their hours had increased and 18% decreased.

Do you think that Labor or Coalition Governments have been responsible for the most important economic reforms in Australia over the last 25 years?

ecoreformThe cross-tabs said:

Opinions were strongly related to voting intention, although Coalition voters credited the Coalition with economic reform to a greater degree than Labor voters credited Labor Governments. 56% of Labor voters said Labor Governments were most responsible for economic reforms and 75% of Coalition voters credited the Coalition.

Do you agree or disagree with the recent decision that the Australian Federal Police reopen investigations into the deaths of the five Australian journalists in Timor in 1975?

baliboThe cross-tabs give:

68% of respondents aged 55+ agreed and 22% disagreed. There were not substantial differences by voting intention – 63% of Labor voters agreed compared to 57% of Coalition voters.

The Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Turnbull, recently said he would be open to reintroducing individual workplace contracts, similar to those which existed under Workchoices. Do you approve or disapprove of reintroducing individual workplace contracts?


On the cross-tabs we have:

Among Labor voters, 77% disapprove and 11% approve but 66% of Coalition voters approve and 19% disapprove.
There were no significant differences by employment status or income.

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