The Australian Bureau of Statistics has a unit called Betaworks, which is where a bunch of nerdy types ferret away making spiffy toys for future ABS deployment. Their latest effort is an interactive population pyramid. It’s worth pressing the play button to see the full visual impact of the projections of our ageing population. While it’s happening, keep the words “health costs” in your thought orbit.

Over at 538 and, Nate Silver and Mark Blumenthal have absolutely pwned US pollster Strategic Vision for getting up to some very, very naughty things.You can follow the whole saga from the links within those two pieces.

The National Library of Australia seems to be in the process of bringing old Australian newspapers published between 1803 and 1954 online for our perusal. (Hat Tip William Bowe). Warning though – you’ll get lost having a squiz at the 19th Century Melbourne Argus for hours, let alone editions of the Canberra Times from 1926 through to ’54! The CT coverage of World War 2 is worth a look.

Finally, the funniest ad I’ve ever seen – it’s over the fold. It’s particularly amusing if you’ve ever had to tow some pretend 4WD off the beach or out of a creek when the aspirations of the driver exceeded the abilities of the soft-roader he purchased.


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