Newspoll over the weekend via The Oz released another rather hideous poll for the NSW government showing the primaries running 42 (up 1) / 30 (down 2) to the Coalition, washing out into a two party preferred of 55/45 the same way – a 1 point increase to the Opposition over the last 2 months. The Greens are on 12 (down 2), while the broad “Others” are on 16 (up 3). This comes from a sample of 1271, giving us an MoE that maxes out around the 2.8% mark.

Along with the voting intentions, this poll also had all the metrics running against the Rees government with his satisfaction down, dissatisfaction up and preferred premier dipping a point as well. On the other hand, Opposition leader Barry O’Farrell had a mixed bag with his satisfaction and dissatisfaction both up (at the expense of his undecideds), while his preferred premier metric bounced up 3 points to 36 – giving him a 5 point lead over Rees.

With the ALP primary vote so low and optional preferential voting running in NSW, the two party preferred continues to understate the size of the electoral flogging Labor would get were an election held and these primary vote figures repeated. It’s interesting that the O’Farrell just can’t  seem to pull his net satisfaction rate up very high considering the rather tragic nature of the NSW government.

The usual charts come in like this:

nswpimsoct nswtppoct

nswminorprims nswbpoct

nswgovsatoct nswopsatoct


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